Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, M.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar started his career in Medicine but has been drawn to the entrepreneurial aspects of Life Sciences from the beginning.  Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar funded and launched the first outpatient medical center with full laboratory services in Szeged Hungary while he was attending Medical School.   Shortly after graduation, he started a Clinical Research Organization with a number of large academic and biopharmaceutical clients.  These experiences and desire to build enterprises continued through his surgical training at Yale University School of Medicine.  As a creative visionary, Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar embarked on a number of academic based research projects inventing implantable medical devices. His most ambitious project was the use of Electro Active Polymers (EPAM) as an implantable respiratory diaphragm for use in patients with phrenic nerve paralysis who are ventilator dependent. The successful outcome of this project fueled Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar's creative side and continues today.  Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar holds a number of US and International Patents and has successfully funded and launched a number of life science companies in the past decade.  He is currently the Founder and CEO of Remo | Life Science Investment & Management Company (Columbus, Ohio) and it's subsidiary Remo | Contract Research Organization (London, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Belgrade, Serbia).  Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar is a co-founder of Clarify Medical (formally Skylit Medical. San Diego, CA). Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar is an active member of a number of national Angel Investment Groups. In his off time, Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar is also the acting President of the Chantal Paydar Foundation, a 501c3 Peace, Justice & Conflict Resolution charity with a number of active projects in East Africa.