Attention to details. by Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, M.D.

So much of what we do as executives in start-up or early stage companies is predicated around being able to "wear many hats".  Chief Multi Tasker may be a better title then CEO.  It’s rare to have the resources to macro-manage all aspects of a company at the nascent stage of developing a company.  I would argue that even if you did have those resources, you do yourself and team a disservice if you choose to macro-manage.

It might be my training as a surgical resident or just my innate ability to see details from nearly every aspect of my daily life that has lead me to be very critical of people who do not have this skill. In business as it was with me in patient care, this is a skill that must be mastered. 

When you get the luxury of being an investor, you also can appreciate the attention to details that management groups have towards their company.  It does make a huge difference!  As an investor who wants to know more about a technology or a business model, we ask question because naturally we want to know why you want our money.  We probe with technical questions and business question and what we (I) often end up doing is getting a feeling about the companies personnel.  One of the most important things for me is their attention to details.  Nothing makes me cringe more then a technology I love run by people who are cavalier about the details of their products, their customers, their marketing, or whatever.  If you don’t have an obsessive bone in your body, then don’t do this line of work. You will frustrate yourself and others as your chances of success are dramatically reduced by the lack of this personality trait. 

Living, breathing, eating, dreaming, and worrying about your business 24/7 is not what I mean by having attention to detail.  It is expected that you do all these things for your company. I am more interested in knowing how well you micro-manage your company, and what level of excellence you expect from every level of your company.  There have been notoriously great micro-managers of some of the largest companies in the world. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are great examples of leaders who by their sheer involvement in every aspect of their goliath companies elevated them to be best in class status. Yes they are innovators and visionaries, but they follow through and oversee every aspect of their products or services, to a level that most can't do but all should try to do everyday.  If you think this is too much to ask of a start-up or early stage company entrepreneur, you will not be the only one doing a lot of thinking.